The Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force ( CODE TF ) was founded in 1992.  At that time Licking, Muskingum, Fairfield and Coshocton Counties were participating communities.  In the beginning only one  Detective for each County was representing CODE.  The Task Force has grown substantially in size since that time.  In Licking County alone the Task Force is comprised of Detectives from the Newark Police Department and the Licking County Sheriff’s Office.  In the Licking County unit there are 10 full time Detectives assigned to narcotics.  This Task Force regularly works with the DEA, BCI and other agencies involved with major crimes.  This Task Force also utilizes a Military Analyst to aid in any ongoing and long term investigations.  

Code Enforcement’s jurisdiction is now Licking, Muskingum, Perry, Coshocton, Knox Counties.  This agency has expanded to 18 full time Detectives in the war on drugs.  Each County having their own specialist in fields such as interdiction, cell phone analysis, long term investigations, RX diversion, undercover tactics, marijuana grow operations and meth lab clean ups.